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GSPS Faculty Guide - Settings/Degree Program Settings

Screen shot from the system showing the Degree Settings/Individual Settings screen
Individual Settings

Under the "Settings" tab you configure a few options to make your Graduate Student Progress experience more convenient.

Notification Level - As an adviser, you can choose whether or not you would like to receive e-mail notifications when a student you advise completes a progress report. Generally these e-mails signal that a student has completed their annual assessment for the year, and is ready for your feedback.

Degree Program Settings

If you have administrative programs for a given degree, you will be able to modify some setting specific to that degree program. You can access these settings from the "Settings" tab, as well as from the "Options for _____" box on the Degree's Student listing page.

Progress Report Prompts/Questions - You can design a custom progress report for your degree program by writing questions in the "Progress Report Prompts/Questions" box. Click the "Add a Progress Report Question" button to enter a new question. You should list the question number in the display order box. Questions with the same display order will be displayed alphabetically. These questions are the ones students will respond to in their progress reports.

Adviser Prompt - You can also provide guidance to faculty in your department about the kind of feedback they should provide students by defining an "Adviser Prompt". Click the "Add Adviser Prompt" button to add an Adviser Prompt - remember to click the "Save" button.

Pre-written Adviser Responses - You may pre-write adviser responses for you faculty to choose from when responding to a student's progress report. This can be very helpful in departments that have large numbers of students, where faculty members might advise numerous students. Click the "Add Pre-written Adviser Response" button to add a new pre-written response. Be sure to click the "Save" button when finished.

Checklist item - You may define additional checklist items for students to respond to by creating the items here. Click the "Add Checklist Item" button to add a new checklist item. Be sure to click the "Save" button to save your checklist item.