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GSPS Faculty Guide - Degree Program Students

Screen shot from the system showing the Degree Students screen

If you have been granted administrative privileges to a particular degree program, you will see a menu option under the "Students" tab for that particular degree. By click on that menu option, you'll see both a clickable list of students in that degree program, as well as some options for that degree. By clicking the name of a student, you will be taken to the individual display page for a student.

Customize progress reports, benchmarks and pre-written adviser responses - By clicking the "Customize progress reports..." link, you'll be allowed to create new questions for progress reports and adviser reponses, add new benchmarks and checklist items, and create pre-written adviser responses for faculty in your department to use.

Manually Add Students to this degree program - By clicking the "Manually Add Students..." link, you'll be able to automatically load students into this degree program by simply entering their pawprint into the box.