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GSPS Faculty Guide - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get permission to see the students for a degree program I oversee?
Faculty and staff members can be granted permission to degree programs that they oversee. Directors of Graduate Study should contact gradwebeditor@missouri.edu to request permissions for faculty or staff members.
How can I modify the questions posed to students in the progress report?
Faculty and staff members with appropriate permissions can modify the progress report questions (and other customizations for a particular degree) by clicking the "Settings" tab and finding the link to the particular degree program to be modified.
A student of mine says he/she has completed their annual assessment, but I can't see them. What's going on?
Students must list advisers when they complete their assessment. Before an adviser can see that student's information, the adviser must confirm the student on their "My Students" page. After confirming the student, you should be able to view the student's information.