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Graduate Student Progress System

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GSPS Faculty Guide - Student Information Page/Assessment Report

Screen shot from the system showing the Individual student display page screen

Once you have clicked a student's name (from any of the "Students" sections) you'll see a page devoted exclusively to that student. You may change the status of the student by clicking the "Change Status to" links in the top right portion of the screen.

General Information - In the "General Information" box for a student you'll see four kinds of information. The student's academic status, including student number, student status, and program entry date. You'll also see a list of degree programs the student is currently enrolled in. The student's advisers are also listed in the "General Information" section, as well as any Required Forms and Benchmarks.

Respond to Progress Reports submitted by ______ - In this section you will see links to progress reports submitted by the student. Underneath each link is an indication of the responses to that progress report - either "No Responses" or a list of names of other advisers who have responded to the report. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page that displays the student's progress report, and a box for your to respond. If you have already responded, you will see your response, as well as button to initiate the editing of that response.

Create Assessment Summary for ________ - In this section you can create an Assessment Summary Report for this student, by selecting the date range you would like to see and clicking the button. An Assessment Summary Report contains all of the items that would appear on a CV, as well as information about the student's committee, required forms, and any progress reports and responses that have been submitted (only those items that fall with in your specified date range will be displayed).

Modify ________ Record - In this section, you will see two links for handling some additional tasks related to the student. The first link allows you to "Submit comments for a missing progress report". If a student has not submitted a progress report, but you would like to send some feedback to the student anyway, you can click this link to create a placeholder progress report for this student that you can respond to. The other link allows you to submit stipend information on behalf of the student. Many students are unaware of who is paying them and how much they are being paid, so you may enter this information on their behalf.