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Graduate Student Progress System

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GSPS Faculty Guide - Summary Report

Screen shot from the system showing the summary report screen

Under the "Summary Reports" tab you can create aggregate reports for your advisees, alumni students, attritional students, and the students from any degree programs you have administrative privileges to.

Select the population you would like to create the report for in the "Students to include" dropdown box. Then select the date range you would like the report to cover. Next, select the type of report you would like to create, from the "Report Type:" dropdown box. Most report types simply show all of the entries in a category that apply to both the population you've selected and the date range.

Two reports, however, are a bit different. The "Dean's Report Card Summary" report is the information that the Graduate School will retain and include on the Dean's Report Card. Only the aggregate numbers will be retained - the detailed information at the bottom of the report is for verification. The "Last Login" report will show the last time each member of your selected population logged into the Graduate Student Progress System.