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Graduate Student Progress System

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GSPS Faculty Guide - What's New?

The biggest change you're likely to notice is the name. Previous versions where known as the "Graduate Student Online Assessment System", which was sometimes referred to by the acronym "GSOAS". So why the name change? Simple — "online" was redundant, and we figured "progress" sounded a little bit more benign than "assessment".

Aside from the name, there are also several new features.

  • A new interface and layout, using some of the coolest acronyms web geeks have come up with, like XHTML, PHP, CSS and AJAX
  • More powerful summary reports - select from a greater array of populations and date ranges
  • Create an Assessment Report based on your own date range, and see only things that occured during that time frame (including progress reports and responses)
  • No more confusiong about confirming or being added as an adviser. All students need to know to add you as an adviser is your pawprint.
  • Web-based documentation means you're always reading the most up-to-date information.

Thanks for using the system. If you have any ideas, problems, or complaints, send them to gradwebeditor@missouri.edu.