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Graduate Student Progress System

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Help for the Graduate Student Progress System

The Graduate Student Progress System was developed by the Mizzou Graduate School to assist academic programs in collecting the information required to properly assess graduate students.

The system provides numerous advantages over traditional pencil and paper assessment methods, including CV generation for students, and detailed reports for faculty and administrators.

The Graduate Student Progress System is written in PHP, and uses XHTML and CSS. All questions, comments, problems, bugs, or requests for source code should be sent to gradwebeditor@missouri.edu.

System Requirements
  • Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 6+, or another browser that supports CSS, Javascript and SSL
  • Cookies must be turned on
  • Javascript must be turned on

Please note: If you are using Firefox 1 or Internet Explorer 5, you will have difficulty using the GSPS. Please upgrade (or contact your IT person for an upgrade) to your web browser. These older browsers could be exposing you to numerous bugs, exploits and viruses.

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