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GSPS Student Guide - Advisers

Screen shot from the system showing the Advisers screen

Advisers are faculty members who have a need to review and provide feedback on the information you put into the Graduate Student Progress System. Your academic program may have specific guidelines about who you should list as an adviser, so consult with them if you have any questions about who should be listed here.

When you add an adviser, you're granting access to your record within the system. Your advisers will be able to view all of your information, and to respond to your "Progress and Teaching Reports".

To add an adviser, enter the adviser's pawprint in the field in the middle of the "Add Adviser" box. The pawprint is the first part of your adviser's @missouri.edu e-mail address - usually the adviser's last name and then one or two letters from their first name or middle name. Once you have entered your adviser's pawprint, select the type of adviser from the dropdown box, and click the "Save" button to save the adviser.

Your adviser will then appear in your list of advisers within the "Current Advisers with Access to Your Record" box. You may not edit an adviser, but you can delete them. If you accidentally enter someone incorrectly, you can delete their listing and then add the correct adviser in the "Add Adviser" box.

Only current employees of the University of Missouri can be added as advisers, and they must have a valid MU pawprint.