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GSPS Student Guide - Create CV

Screen shot from the system showing the Create CV screen

Under the "CV&Reports" tab you'll see an option on the left menu to "Create CV". The "Create CV" page allows you to select which of the various categories you would like to include on your CV, and in what order. Use the small arrow buttons next to each category to move them around.

After assembling your list of categories to be included in the CV, you'll need to select a header and body style. They styles differ in terms of alignment and layout, but all of the same information is included in each of them. Feel free to mix and match.

Finally, you'll need to select a CV format. You can choose from

  • Rich Text File - Rich Text Files can be easily edited in Microsoft Word
  • PDF - PDF files are easy to e-mail and post to the web
  • HTML - The language used in webpages - easy to save the page and post to your own website

After you have selected the options for your CV, click the button and the CV will be generated for you.