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GSPS Student Guide - Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers are compatible with the GSPS?
The Graduate Student Progress System has been tested on Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox 2+ for both Mac and PC, and Safari.
Can I run the GSPS with Javascript turned off?
While the GSPS can be run with Javascript turned off, it is not recommended. The smooth functionality of the GSPS is due to Javascript.
How do I paste from Microsoft Word?
To paste from a Microsoft Word document, you'll need to click the "Enter Text in One Box" button to change the form to a large text area. You can then paste your entry from Microsoft Word. A note about quotes - Microsoft word automatically converts quotation marks into "smart" quotes. Smart quotes are incompatible with the GSPS, and will be stripped out. If you would like to keep quotes in your listing, you'll need to replace them with regular quotes.
What is the minimum I have to fill out?
In most cases, if you complete the categories under the "Required By the Graduate School", you will have met all of the Graduate School's requirements for your yearly assessment. However, your department may ask you to complete additional information. Check with your department to determine the minimum requirements for your degree program.
Can I list an adviser outside of the university?
Unfortunately, no. Advisers and other users of the system must have valid Mizzou pawprints. It is possible to list committee members that are outside of the University in the "Committee" area.
What do I do if I don't have an adviser?
If you do not have an adviser, there is not need to enter anything in the advisers section. Your Director of Graduate Studies will always be able to access your record.
Can I edit a progress report that my adviser has already responded to?
No. Once an adviser has responded to one of your progress reports, you may no longer edit it - it has become part of your official record. You may submit an additional progress report to act as an addendum, however.
What if I'm still at a job or a professional organization? How do I enter the dates?
You can enter dates for a job or professional organization you are still participating in by first selecting the date you started your association, and selecting "Present" from the end month dropdown. You can also indicate a single month by selecting "N/A" from the end month dropdown.
Should I list _____ as an award/service activity/etc.?
Check with your department to find out if you should list a particular item in a particular category.