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GSPS Student Guide - Progress Reports

Screen shot from the system showing the progress reports screen

Progress and Teaching Reports are questionnaires created by your department so that you can provide a written self-assessment of your progress toward your degree.

Answer each question in the box provided. You can also write your responses in an external word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Note: Some special characters from Microsoft Word, such as smart quotes and em-dashes, will not be translated into your progress and teaching reports. You can find out how to turn off smart quotes in Word at http://www.tek-tips.com/faqs.cfm?fid=4391

If you are enrolled in multiple degree programs, you will be provided with a dropdown box to select your degree program. Since each degree program can create it's own set of questions for a progress report, you may need to submit multiple progress reports each year. Check with your programs for more information.

After you have submitted a progress report, it will appear in the "Current Progress Reports" box at the bottom of the screen. As long as none of your advisers has responded to your report, you will be presented with two buttons - "Edit" and "Delete". By clicking the "Edit" button, you will be able to modify your answers to a particular progress report. You may also delete a progress report, although this is discouraged.

Once an adviser has read and responded to one of your progress reports, the "Edit" and "Delete" buttons will turn into a link. By clicking that link, you'll be able to view your progress report and any responses submitted by your advisers.

You can choose to be notified whenever one of your advisers submits a response to your progress report. This is done under the "Settings" tab. See the "Settings" section for more information.