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GSPS Student Guide - Required Forms

Screen shot from the system showing the Advisers screen

In the "Required Forms" section, you let your academic program now about your completion of required administrative paperwork, as well as other events, called "Benchmarks". This information is used to make sure you have completed all administrative requirements, both for the Graduate School and your academic program.

To add a required form entry, review the "Required Form or Benchmark" dropdown list within the "Add Required Form or Benchmark" box. Select a form or benchmark that you have completed, then select the month and day that you completed that form or benchmark. You can enter any comments about the item in the comments box. Be sure to click the "Save" button when finished.

Your new Form and Benchmark will then be added to your list of forms and benchmarks contained within the "Current Required Forms and Benchmarks" box. Forms and benchmarks can be deleted from this list by clicking the "Delete" button adjacent to the form or benchmark listing.